Dr. Shefferman's RELS 110 Class

October 25, 2017


Dr. David Shefferman provided the following information: 


My Arches sections of RELS 110 have been busy since the beginning of the semester working in support of The Bronx Community Green Fair, held Sunday, October 22 at The Church of the Mediator down the road from campus. The even was organized by a coalition of local organizations and religious congregations to address the climate crisis and to enable environmental protection. Students were instrumental in publicity for the Green Fair, designing promotional material and managing social-media accounts. They also developed and ran one of the featured activities at the fair (see attached photo “Lead with LED”) in addition to offering essential logistical support. Since the beginning of the semester, many of the students have assisted the coalition’s “environmental ministry” efforts on the grounds of The Mediator, including compost collection, a weekly farmers market, and bioremediation projects. 


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