Manhattan College Student Newspaper Writes Issue on Faith

January 24, 2018

The Quadrangle, the official Manhattan College student publication, comes out with a "special issue" once each semester. In the past, the group has created issues on gender, diversity, food, money and health. This time around, the editorial board chose the topic of faith. 


Below includes external links to, where all of the articles from the Faith Issue are available. 






A Movement Towards Inclusion: Manhattan College and the LGBT Community By RikkiLynn Shields


MC Opines on Pope Francis By Abby Crowell


The Evolution of the Religious Studies Curriculum By John Jackson 


Alienation and Animation Among Muslim Students Muslim Students By Stephen Zubryky


Geraci Takes Over Religious Studies Dept. By Shannon Glebba


College Discusses Religious Practices By Gabriella DePinho


A Time For Peace and Dialogue: MSA and CMSA Hold Interfaith Prayer Session By Taylor Brethauer and RikkiLynn Shields





Arts & Entertainment:



Monasticism and the Arts: A Course for All Interests By Megan Haugh


New York City's Most Sacred Sites By Rose Brennan and Alyssa Velazquez


The Meaning Behind the Ink By Alexa Schmidt



Freshman Gaia Fakhoury Connects to Culture Through Music By Samantha Walla


"The Band's Visit" Brings You to Beit Hatikva







We Are Losing Our Religion: Study Shows Millennials May Be Least Religious Population Yet By Ally Hutzler


A Woman, a Mother and Catholic: Meet Natalia Imperatori-Lee By Lauren Schuster


Gujarati Girls: A Pair of Hindu Roommates Keep Faith and Culture Alive at MC By Stephen Zubrycky








Keeping the Faith in a Sports-Obsessed Culture By C. Garrett Keidel


Pre-Game Faith Rituals Strengthen Jaspers' Softball By Michevi Dufflart 


Sports Fandom: A Religion All its Own? By Charles Lippolis & RikkiLyn Shields


Warring Posters Debate Cultural Appropriation By Rose Brennan & Joseph Liggio 



Letters to The Editor: 


Louis Harr


Rabea Ali















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